Sample Projects


Growth Model

Challenge: A client, with over 25 campuses and 20,000 students, received a multi-year grant to introduce quantitative evaluation of teachers based on student performance and other metrics.

Solution: Created a growth measure algorithm to set achievement targets for each individual student based upon past assessment performance and at-risk indicators.



Lottery Automation

Challenge: An alternative high school needed a lottery system for its unique population of students. The lottery required the matching of both parents and students, taking into consideration location and literacy levels. 

Solution: Created a lottery system using a bespoke database system with a user-friendly Excel-like front-end tool to ensure client comfortability. 



Analytics Engine

Challenge: A start-up network of schools needed a way to capture student skill mastery in a way a traditional grading system falls short.

Solution: Created a proof of concept analytics engine to visually display student mastery of skills based on assessments, student evaluations, and professor evaluations.

Flexible Finance Model

Challenge: A national non-profit wanted a dynamic budget model that could be manipulated to organize and view expenses by expense type, organizational team, program, and city.

Solution: Created a simplified budget model based off the client's system, pooled the information into a database, and created tools to filter, sort, and organize the financial data into columns and rows, at macro and micro levels, with simple mouse clicks. 


The Team


Chris Campion

Chief Solutions Architect


Thomas W Hay

Data Scientist

Melvin Freeman

Chief Technology Officer


Erin Oberholtzer

Chief Executive Officer


Nathaniel J Giraldi

Data Scientist

Michael Stimpfel

Chief Financial Officer